Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity: June


Here is the list of symbols I have encountered over and over again in the month of June, and their apparent interpretations. Within the school of Jungian Psychology, it be appropriate to consider many of these synchronistic in my case, and even archetypal given their strong and prolific occurrences through what he (Carl Jung) would call the “collective unconscious” in the recent month. Have you noticed any of these signs popping up within your own life recently? Enjoy this delightful cup of divinity as it reaches
more and more towards me, you and all of those around us:

All of these symbols have been documented and seleccted prior to their analysis and discovered meanings.


Number 1:

The Red Rose
6 Occurrences
“Mystical Marriage”
“Permanent Transmutation”
“Higher Identity”

“In alchemy, the rose is primarily a symbol of the operation of Conjunction, the Mystical
of opposites. It represents the regeneration of separated essences and their resurrection on a new level. In the Practice of Psychotherapy, Carl Jung discussed the archetypal underpinnings of love between people in terms of the rose: “The wholeness which is a combination of ‘I and you’ is part of a transcendent unity whose nature can only be grasped in symbols like the rose or the coniunctio (Conjunction).”

As a symbol of the Mystical Marriage on a personal level, the red rose represents a special
kind of love in which one “melts away” into the beauty of another, and the old identity is surrendered for that of the beloved or a higher identity within oneself. In this sense, the rose is a symbol of complete surrender and permanent transmutation.

Because of its association with the workings of the heart, the rose in alchemy has come to symbolize secrets of the heart or things that cannot be spoken or an oath of silence in general. : passion, love; vitality, feeling of being alive; masculine or active energy; creative projects.

Number 2:


Glass Breaking

3 Occurrences (in one week,
once additionally last month)
“Unbreakable Union”
“Change or Imminent Breakthrough”

“At the Jewish wedding feast to consummate the relationship they drink from a wine glass and then they smash the glass. The glass is broken to protect this marriage with the implied prayer: “As this glass shatters, so may your marriage never break.” The promises made by the bride and groom, like the broken glass, are irrevocable. It reminds us that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected.” “Likewise… it can mean breakthrough has just occurred or is imminent.”



Number 3:


Shooting Stars
6 Occurrences
“Grand & Imminent Change”
“Gifts of the God’s”

“Occasionally, one of these streaking lights would fall from heaven and tumble to earth as a ball of fire. Since fire is the Symbol for light, illumination and enlightenment, the Ancients perceived that these balls of fire which plummeted to earth contained the Breath, Essence and Enlightenment of Divinity. In effect, these Ancient cultures considered Shooting Stars to be “gifts of the gods”, a good sign, good luck or that a big event was coming.”

Number 4:


Ringing In The Ears
12 Occurrences
“Spiritual Awakening” 
“Message from the Spirit World”  
“Close Presence of Guides and Angels”
“Frequency Shift”

“Hearing high-pitched frequencies is one sign of a spiritual awakening. As you lift your own personal vibrations you become more attuned to higher planetary and celestial vibrations. Often this results in a physical manifestation like lightheadedness, tingling skin or more commonly ringing in the ears.

Ringing in the ears can also be a signal from spirit guides or other non-physical beings. Since it’s difficult for them to dial in to our dense physical vibration, they try to connect with us through other means. Sometimes they play with electronics or natural objects like leaves and feathers. Other times they try to reach us directly through our own bodies—and the ears are a convenient way for them to do so. So if your hearing those high sounds, it could be a message from the spirit world.”

“Hearing frequencies can also be a sort of announcement from God/ your guides/ The Universe, regarding the ascension shift and your shift in vibration. As you may or may not be aware, our planet, and actually the entire universe is experiencing an ascension process… Without going too in depth here, ascension is the process of increasing and raising frequency. This is happening on a planetary, personal, and collective level. Click here to learn more about ascension! 

Hearing vibrations or high-pitched frequencies offers a sort of signal that this change is happening. The frequency may be a sign that you’re awakening to the higher dimensions, and tuning into more of your innate power as a divine spiritual being in physical form. The high-pitched frequency or vibration you are hearing may also offer validation and serve as a sort of indication that the ascension process, including activating and upgrading your DNA is taking place.

“A ringing in the ears is believed to be spiritually caused by the presence of guides and angels being too close to the physical body. Physics and other spiritualists believe these beings are perceived as tones or qualities of silence inside of the ears.”



Number 5:

Figs & their Tree
Countless Occurrences
“Spiritual Awakening”
“Feminine Sexuality”

“The fig tree is an ancient tree and was the sacred tree of Buddha. Under it, he found enlightenment. Its spirit and essence awakens the intuitive insight that enables the individual to put our life and activities into a new perspective. It releases past life blockages, bringing them out and into the open so those new thresholds may be crossed (reflected in the first crop coming from the previous season’s growth). It is a tree whose energies help the individual to link the conscious mind with the subconscious and to do so with the correct perspective… A spiritual awakening

“The Song of Solomon mentions figs. “The fig tree putteth forth her green figs …. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away” (Song 2:13). As with the pomegranate, figs from very early times were linked with sexual fertility. The word “fig” signified vagina in several Mediterranean languages, and one need only split open a purple fig to see why. Maidens of Athens wore garlands of figs and carried fig cakes in the procession of Athena. There is evidence from the ruins of Pompeii that figs were a major offering at the temple of Isis. The fig persists as a potent symbol…”

Number 6:


The Palm Tree
7 Occurrences
“Integration of Opposites”
“Victory Over Duality”
“Seen and Unseen”

“In alchemical traditions, the palm tree is a symbol of androgyny as it possesses the perfect integration of both male and female attributes. This is an alchemical achievement – to be wholly, pristinely balanced – equally united with polarity.

This androgynous concept plays out in the esoteric archetype of the High Priestess found in the Tarot. Indeed, the palm tree is depicted in this card and here demonstrates the intent of the Priestess to amalgamate the realms of seen and unseen – mixing them into a whole vision with a goal to dispense for the betterment of humanity.

These aspects bring to mind themes of victory related to palm tree symbolism. Not only victory over the conflict between dualities, but victory over death as well.

Indeed, Christians adapted the palms as a symbol of resurrection (victory over death through the union with Christ). Palm fronds were lain on the path walked by Christ as he entered Jerusalem.”



Number 7:

The Snake & Ouroboros
7 Occurrences
“Divine Union”
“Awakened Consciousness”
“Sexuality”, “Masculine Sexuality”

“Triumph Over Duality”

“Serpent themes are visible in architecture, in myth, and initiation rites from certain cultures. Healing power and mysticism are ascribed to snakes due to their ability to shed skin. The snake represents youthful vitality, an archetypal power of transmutation and immortality. Images of snakes appear in alchemical symbols representing vitality, healing and transformation, and the death/rebirth cycle of renewal. This similar symbolism is also seen in-depth psychology.

Hindu iconography includes the cobra as a symbol of awakened consciousness surrounding the head of many deities. The yogic concept of Kundalini Shakti, sexuality, power, elevation of consciousness, the serpent energy rising up the spinal centers emerging from the crown chakra in divine union with pure Shiva consciousness.

The alchemical image of the Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, is a symbol of wisdom & transformation. It is a symbol of the conjunction, the union and wholeness of the divine marriage of the female and male principles. The Ouroboros is associated with Alchemy. It represents the cyclical nature of things, eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end.

In some representations the serpent is shown as half-light and half-dark, echoing symbols such as the Yin Yang, which illustrates the dual nature of all things, but more importantly, that these opposites are not in conflict.”


Number 8:

“Force of Will”

-Dragons (Medicine/Guide/Totem)
7 Occurrences
“The Infinite Self”


“The dragons medicine includes change and transformation, wisdom, infinity, supernatural, longevity and movement through space.

Celtic tradition may give specific qualities for dragons of the elements of earth, fire, water, and air, however, in general terms, Dragon’s power is that of shedding its skin and coming out as a new, transformed being. The dragon gives in providing us with fierce protection and possesses inherent magic, adding extra power to any magic you may perform. Dragon represents the supernatural and infinite self.

The Fire Dragon is a symbol of transmutation, energy and mastery. If this is your power animal you will be lent enthusiasm, courage and vitality. Your inner fire will be fueled. You will be helped to overcome obstacles. You will be given the qualities of leadership and mastery. The fire dragon can also be a strong protector.”



Number 9:

The Numbers 9 & 911

Countless Occurrences
“Complete Cycle of Growth”
“Spiritual Transformation”

“Accomplishment of the Divine Will”
“Moving to the Highest Path”

“Service to Humanity”

“The number 9 has long been associated with endings that are set to bring about new and spiritually transformed beginnings. It also represents leadership, service to humanity and the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe. It is also the number of those who accomplish the divine will. Since 9 can be represented as 3 x 3, it denotes perfection, virile power.

[Historically,] the biblical number 9 has vast symbology and was taken as sacred in Greece and Egypt as well. It is the last number of finalization and is therefore considered as the most complex and the number marking the full lighting up of numerical series. Biblical number 9 stands for a complete cycle of growth. The nine generations from Adam to Noah (ninth from Adam) and Noah to Abraham (ninth from Noah) represents the stages of development and growth. Abram was ninety and nine years when he received covenant from God and his new name Abraham. Therefore symbolically his name reduces to number 9 indicating the period of time in which the spiritual cycle is completed.”

On its own, the number 1 indicates new beginnings, progress and self-reliance. When it is seen as 11 however, it becomes much more powerful [i.e. “The Master Number” or “The Power Number”]. The number 11 represents awakening, illumination and enlightenment. Often people report seeing 11:11 when they are experiencing a life changing experience or a spiritual awakening of some kind. It can also be seen as a direct message from your Spirit Guide and Angels that they are close and are offering you guidance.

Bringing all of this together, seeing 911 is really about pursuing your purpose and soul mission and perhaps bringing some things in your life to a close in order for you to move forward on your highest path911 also serves as a reminder that you are a leader or “Lightworker” and that by setting a positive example for others you can help to change and raise the consciousness of the planet. Repeatedly seeing 911 can also be a sign that your Angels have opened up a new door or chapter for you and are encouraging you to tie up loose ends and start fresh.”


The degree of congruency between these listing symbols
is a bit unbelievable, to say the least. I hope to see what the following month
proceeds to show us and their apparent values to each of us consciously, as there really is no separation…
One Mind,
One Group,
One Earth,
One Being.


❤ – The Shaded Elephant.



Edit: It should be noted that upon finishing this article, I celebrated with a tall glass of water. Well, in doing so I couldn’t help but notice the time as I clicked off the kitchen lights… Yep, you guessed it. The clock read “11:11”. Synchronicity strikes again. ❤

Symbiosis: The Seeking Man & an Island

Last evening I encountered the only two sources of media I utilize synchronistically intersecting with plot-arc’s built around one symbol: a deserted and mysterious island. One was a film

Our hero’s journey. Notice the interesting wardrobe…

from the early 00’s featuring a favorite actor of mine (Tom Hanks) and the other is an animated series I began months ago. Regarding this animated series, I am just fractions away from nearing the finale and am feeling ecstatic!

I’ve known all along that this animated series has been a direct reflection of my own process since it began. I know this for certain because I was led by the divine, synchronistically, to begin it and since then, it has literally reflected my life episode to episode in real time as though it were some sort of magic mirror. Only once I watch an episode

Again, notice the main character’s wardrobe. Orange garments and a wooden staff in the right hand. Look familiar? Surely a mere “coincidence”, right?

does my life once again match up with it, and I only watch an episode once every few days or weeks – give or take.


What’s amazing about this animated show and the film tonight is that they both feature the exact same plot. The main character mysteriously arrives on an island that shrouds itself in even greater mystery. This was not done intentionally by any means and is too coincidental to overlook.

There’s much to be said, but needless to say, the last few days have looked exceptionally different than these last few months (which is saying a lot, because my life looks drastically different on a week to week basis)… and according to a dream I had months ago, the prophetic timeline it chiseled out for me is something I’m nearing the end on. If there was any doubt left, it is now gone. Here is the prophetic dream, and here is an excerpt I’ve found discussing the symbolism of the island:



“It’s dusk and I am driving up the infamous

Here’s an actual photo of the ‘infamous’ Grapevine at dusk. Notice I’m in an old truck.

Grape Vine of Southern California, away from my home which is South. I’m driving North, and I’m doing so in an old Grandpa’s Farm Truck-esque Truck. It’s two-tone brown and is a 1984 Ford F-150. I’m on the phone with two young, female friends of mine. One is blonde, the other brunette. Both very different, yet both very similar. In the dream I am intending on reaching these two women but for some reason they are upset about something. As the day-light sets before me in it’s golden rays, realize in flustered conversation withe my two lady-friends that I’ve missed my exit.



I make my way off what I know to be the i-5 North to recollect myself. As I get off, the setting changes and I am now stepping down a flight of concrete stairs into what looks to be a San Francisco style subway system. There are stairs going up and down from all sorts of directions and people flooding all of these possible routes with traffic of busy ‘hustle & bustle’. The kind you would expect from locals. Well, to my suprise, I ask for directions from all around and no-one actually knows where anything is. I’m looking for the only

Bound to the ground by foot amongst the chaos. A seeming downgrade from an ‘Old truck’.


major state-wide highway system and these presumable locals are clueless. I get mad
because they’re all fakes.

Well, someone offers a reasonable piece of advice and directs me to a particular gate. As I take up the offer and begin walking I run into a short Oriental girl dressed in all black with a guitar-case backpack on her back. I apologize and try to maneuver around her only to see she bumps into me again. A 3rd time and the same. At this point I realize this person is INTENTIONALLY delaying me and I swiftly chastize her out loud for doing so. This did not run over well with the individuals in this subway station. All those around who heard (very diverse in race and gender I might add) were defensive towards me and offended at me; it was as though they COMPLETELY disregarded the young girls foul intentions and actions. I walk away from them all to go down the original staircase I was guided towards (by whom seemed to be some sort of messenger or angel).


I enter a new space that appears to be on some sort of an Island (kind of like Hawaii, or the scenery of Jurassic Park). It’s early afternoon and the climate is stunning along with the weather. Its just marvelous and full of green. As I look to my left I see a very large cylindrical tube surrounding a moving platform, escalator like, that is directing more streams of people this and that way.

Despite the beautiful and lush natural enviornment I was now in, something else was more awestriking. What catches the eye most about this scene was what the escalator went down towards. What was stopped on a railing system right outside of this escalator was what seemed to be some sort of a space-shuttle, futuristic-train type of vehicle. It was just unloading it’s last set of passengers and I knew deep within me that this was not for any hordes of people and civilians anymore… This was a private vehicle for me.

What’s fascinating of this vehicle is that it appears as though it can travel on ground, in the air AND in space interchangeably, and at lightning fast efficiency. Very accurate to the image in my dream and an upgrade of outrageous proportions. How fun!


“In Psychology and Alchemy, Carl Jung wrote that “only in the region of danger (watery abyss, cavern, forest, island, castle, etc.) can one find ‘the treasure hard to attain’ (jewel, virgin, life potion, victory over death).” Islands are one of the most treasured motifs both in myth and literature. Jung’s quote shows his amazing intuitive grasp of island’s significance: it is both beautiful and dangerous…

As final resting places, most notable example being the island of Avalon, islands have a funerary, eschatological quality about them. Where there is death, there must be transformation. Whoever comes to an isolated island, does not leave it as the same person: islands are both safe havens and dangerous areas of upheaval; safe wombs and insular alchemical vessels of transformation. Time flows differently on islands, because they are places torn out of the conventional time space continuum.”

-symbolreader, The Symbolism of Islands

Arnold Böcklin, The Island of Life



Published at 5:48 P.M.