Here’s a section I’m dedicating towards personal music-compositions. They are all real-time, meaning they are always going to be uploaded right after they’re conceived and recorded. This ensures that what they communicate to the listener will always be present and emotionally relevant within the timeline and date they’re posted on (rather than some old recording with no real-time, present-time relevance).

Also to note, I will only ever do one-takes. This means they will always be my very first and initial recording, raw, imperfections & all; this should create an extremely authentic and transparent progression: The Divine -> The Artist -> The Instrument -> The Listener

I hope this blesses you in some way as I’ve never presented my music like this before.


Song 4-
Sun & The Rainbow
June 30, 2016- 4:32 P.M.


Song 3-
The Mosey Harps
June 24, 2016- 2:34 P.M.

Song 2-
The Stoney Mask
June 22, 2016- 1:16 P.M. 

Song 1-
The Brass Train
June 20, 2016- 11:19 A.M. 

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