Beloved, how long?

“In a world where there are no limbs
No limbs to pull, no voice to cry with
My soul screams and my mind reams for your essence…
“Just a hair..”, “It’s all I need…”

“A little closer” I said,
Yet, I knew you were just as far
But closer somehow, seemingly more than before
“How can one be in a world afar, and them a world anew,
yet so close, but still beyond reach from you?” I said… 

“There’s ice caps where I come from.”, “You see,”
“These ice caps are a sight of beauty, behold,
And atop them you reign
Reign over the All,
Yet the chill is sheer, and the days,
Too long. So alone…
This is what my world is like.
This is what my hour is like.
When will it all be done? “

I just hope that on that day of spring
My winter will truly be over
And my lover will be the headdress
That finally keeps me covered

How long can an hour be?
How long a day?
Why then does it feel like eternity
Starts all over again
Once the minute has passed
And you are still gone away?

Can I reach out to you with no arms?
Will you have one there for me?
Can I hope that you don’t need me
Need me here so long
Need me here to brave
These elements,
so strong?

Beloved, how long?”

rumi in the mid-night

“No I am not roaming aimlessly
around the streets and bazaar
I am a lover searching for his beloved

God have mercy on me
I am walking around troubled

I have done wrong and sinned
and am walking around wounded

I have drunk the wine of desire
and am strolling around beloved

Though I may seem drunk
I am quite sober…”