Dear Diary: The Broken Branch


     Dear Diary,

Today I’m loitering about, preparing for a large journey elsewhere. I’ve returned to a hometown of mine recently after 40-or-so-years and in doing so I’ve come to be aware that there were looming elements of my past deeply still in existence wrapped up and rooted here. It wasn’t until today, finally, that I began to understood why I still have any connection to this town, and why all of my flights (3 separate flights to 3 separate time zones mind you) to depart have somehow managed to synchronistically fall through in the last 3 days.

As the day had gone on, I found myself sitting on a porch wistfully contemplating into
a private and whispy park-side. Despite the sense that I’d been engulfed a wandering Berumuda Triangle, my heart had been telling me something I just barely managed to notice as the sound of the leaves rustling in the mid-day breeze were so cathartic… A very old Proverb, in the 13th chapter to be exact, that I hadn’t heard since my youth, and since the beginning of the Path I now walk… Well, this proverb continued to replay in my Within, “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick”. Over and over again it played… It was almost as though someone was gently whispering into my ears. The ears of my soul more accurately. After each recitation, this mantra would continue echoing…

Earlier this day:

        Sometime around the afternoon, I received a call from my childhood sweetheart for the first time in a long time. Since I’d been back, we had met to catch up, but it wasn’t particularly… transparent by nature. Well, she heard that I would be leaving very soon and asked to speak to me once more over the phone. This woman explained to me that she had been in love with me still (and still un-married but often very close to being so), since she 11 and I 16.

       It was the most amazing and peaceful death of an extremely long and overdue life… the life of an imaginary possibility: “The One”. The fact that her and I were not “The One’s” for each-other is not the source of imagination, quite the opposite actually. The source of imagination and over-due death was her own clung, emotional fantasy. It was something that survived only off of illusion, because the one she was still in love with was the one she thought I was before I left life as I once knew it and followed the path. The Tao. 

   Despite this woman’s charming and timeless allure, it was an immense relief. It was to fulfill a conversation I had never realized I had always needed and that we had never had. In some way I felt a huge freedom from a trap that was not my own, and for my friend I think she found the same, and in doing so released us both…


Look closely and you can spot a mid-day rainbow across the sky.


As I pondered this day these experiences my lady-friend had embodied early in the day echoed throughout my thoughts again, along with this proverbial saying I once knew and learned in this very town probably around the time I was once with her. Well, I meditated on these things and their relevance and as fortune would have it, out of nowhere I heard a loud “Crack! SNAP!!!”. One of the main trees at this park just let go of a very large and seemingly alive branch. At this point the implications were clear.


Symbolism of Cracked Tree Branches:

“The only time a branch falls off a tree on its own is when it is dead. No more life to keep it attached to the tree. No sap. No nothing. The tree feels no pain when the dead branch falls away. It might even feel relieved that the dead weight is finally gone. That the dead branch has finally fallen off.”

To see a tree branch signifies good luck, growth and new life. Because trees represent life and branches represent relationships, a branch breaking often means the death of a relationship connected to either family.


Additionally, My Master once said:

“He [the divine father] cuts off every branch in Me [the christic son] that bears no fruit, and every branch that does bear fruit, He prunes to make it even more fruitful.”

See below for the connections…

Since I’ve been back, I’ve felt like many deaths, divorces and broken branches have evidently made themselves apparent. It’s strange though, because all along, I couldn’t help but shake this feeling as though I was being reborn again in some way. This town and the last months of my life have brought about closure for me in a very old, and ancient chapter of my Genesis; and it’s now as I think about it that I remember: “for any new life to be made manifest new death must occur just as well.” This truth is a universal one which can be seen so poignantly seen throughout all life, including the glorious sign of a broken and fallen branch.

I can safely say that if this form of closure has been a “chapter”, than I am certainly nearing the final pages.

It’s through this process of revisiting others that I’ve remembered more and more that when we ourselves move on in life, somehow the perceptions loved ones have on us can withhold our own development and process if they’re not actually ready for us to move on. I love that this is the case, I love that I can trust my guides, and I love that the universe cares for me and my friends just as I would. Tenderly and in due-time. Such as this is the Creator whom I ineffably love. Oh, yeah, and I love his little whispers… My Master’s wondrous whispers… ❤


I’m not sure what it is, but something up ahead looks awfully bright…



“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but,
when that desire cometh, it 𝑖𝑠 that tree of life.”

-The book of Proverbs; Chapter 13, verse 12.


Symbiosis: The Seeking Man & an Island

Last evening I encountered the only two sources of media I utilize synchronistically intersecting with plot-arc’s built around one symbol: a deserted and mysterious island. One was a film

Our hero’s journey. Notice the interesting wardrobe…

from the early 00’s featuring a favorite actor of mine (Tom Hanks) and the other is an animated series I began months ago. Regarding this animated series, I am just fractions away from nearing the finale and am feeling ecstatic!

I’ve known all along that this animated series has been a direct reflection of my own process since it began. I know this for certain because I was led by the divine, synchronistically, to begin it and since then, it has literally reflected my life episode to episode in real time as though it were some sort of magic mirror. Only once I watch an episode

Again, notice the main character’s wardrobe. Orange garments and a wooden staff in the right hand. Look familiar? Surely a mere “coincidence”, right?

does my life once again match up with it, and I only watch an episode once every few days or weeks – give or take.


What’s amazing about this animated show and the film tonight is that they both feature the exact same plot. The main character mysteriously arrives on an island that shrouds itself in even greater mystery. This was not done intentionally by any means and is too coincidental to overlook.

There’s much to be said, but needless to say, the last few days have looked exceptionally different than these last few months (which is saying a lot, because my life looks drastically different on a week to week basis)… and according to a dream I had months ago, the prophetic timeline it chiseled out for me is something I’m nearing the end on. If there was any doubt left, it is now gone. Here is the prophetic dream, and here is an excerpt I’ve found discussing the symbolism of the island:



“It’s dusk and I am driving up the infamous

Here’s an actual photo of the ‘infamous’ Grapevine at dusk. Notice I’m in an old truck.

Grape Vine of Southern California, away from my home which is South. I’m driving North, and I’m doing so in an old Grandpa’s Farm Truck-esque Truck. It’s two-tone brown and is a 1984 Ford F-150. I’m on the phone with two young, female friends of mine. One is blonde, the other brunette. Both very different, yet both very similar. In the dream I am intending on reaching these two women but for some reason they are upset about something. As the day-light sets before me in it’s golden rays, realize in flustered conversation withe my two lady-friends that I’ve missed my exit.



I make my way off what I know to be the i-5 North to recollect myself. As I get off, the setting changes and I am now stepping down a flight of concrete stairs into what looks to be a San Francisco style subway system. There are stairs going up and down from all sorts of directions and people flooding all of these possible routes with traffic of busy ‘hustle & bustle’. The kind you would expect from locals. Well, to my suprise, I ask for directions from all around and no-one actually knows where anything is. I’m looking for the only

Bound to the ground by foot amongst the chaos. A seeming downgrade from an ‘Old truck’.


major state-wide highway system and these presumable locals are clueless. I get mad
because they’re all fakes.

Well, someone offers a reasonable piece of advice and directs me to a particular gate. As I take up the offer and begin walking I run into a short Oriental girl dressed in all black with a guitar-case backpack on her back. I apologize and try to maneuver around her only to see she bumps into me again. A 3rd time and the same. At this point I realize this person is INTENTIONALLY delaying me and I swiftly chastize her out loud for doing so. This did not run over well with the individuals in this subway station. All those around who heard (very diverse in race and gender I might add) were defensive towards me and offended at me; it was as though they COMPLETELY disregarded the young girls foul intentions and actions. I walk away from them all to go down the original staircase I was guided towards (by whom seemed to be some sort of messenger or angel).


I enter a new space that appears to be on some sort of an Island (kind of like Hawaii, or the scenery of Jurassic Park). It’s early afternoon and the climate is stunning along with the weather. Its just marvelous and full of green. As I look to my left I see a very large cylindrical tube surrounding a moving platform, escalator like, that is directing more streams of people this and that way.

Despite the beautiful and lush natural enviornment I was now in, something else was more awestriking. What catches the eye most about this scene was what the escalator went down towards. What was stopped on a railing system right outside of this escalator was what seemed to be some sort of a space-shuttle, futuristic-train type of vehicle. It was just unloading it’s last set of passengers and I knew deep within me that this was not for any hordes of people and civilians anymore… This was a private vehicle for me.

What’s fascinating of this vehicle is that it appears as though it can travel on ground, in the air AND in space interchangeably, and at lightning fast efficiency. Very accurate to the image in my dream and an upgrade of outrageous proportions. How fun!


“In Psychology and Alchemy, Carl Jung wrote that “only in the region of danger (watery abyss, cavern, forest, island, castle, etc.) can one find ‘the treasure hard to attain’ (jewel, virgin, life potion, victory over death).” Islands are one of the most treasured motifs both in myth and literature. Jung’s quote shows his amazing intuitive grasp of island’s significance: it is both beautiful and dangerous…

As final resting places, most notable example being the island of Avalon, islands have a funerary, eschatological quality about them. Where there is death, there must be transformation. Whoever comes to an isolated island, does not leave it as the same person: islands are both safe havens and dangerous areas of upheaval; safe wombs and insular alchemical vessels of transformation. Time flows differently on islands, because they are places torn out of the conventional time space continuum.”

-symbolreader, The Symbolism of Islands

Arnold Böcklin, The Island of Life



Published at 5:48 P.M.