Journal: A Bird’s-Eye Overview of June



This month, June, I’ve encountered a series of extremely conspicuous
synchronicites found in what you could call symbols or omens. Before listing them
and learning what they represent, let me share a brief and un-biased point of view of what my month has consisted of in terms of themes and focus, and then I will share the symbols that have shown up and what their interpreted meanings are after the month is over. I’d like to
hear if these are things others may be relating to as well, and
that perhaps I’m noticing a global set of themes and
archetypal symbology for us all.
So…! June:

June for me has primarily been an epic season of change
. For the last 3 months I have been residing in Southern California to assist a group of people with some help on various things I’ve acquired lots of knowledge and experience in throughout the years. This had been the case the whole time I had been here until the month of June came. Days before it did so, I notified the leaders of this organization which I had been volunteering my time and expertise towards, and informed them that I would be taking a time off. I wasn’t certain why, but I had an extremely strong and assured suspicion that I would be resting for a time, roughly a month’s worth, and then starting my “work” back up again.

Well, as the month went on and into what evolved to be what one could call an “Extended Sabbath”, I began to get divine/intuitive feelings and unctions that my time in this place would be changing quite soon, along with the labor I’ve been offering, and doing so quite drastically. My studies have deepened well beyond my wildest dreams into the themes of Divine Union & Integration with the Divine Feminine (AKA the Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, Jehovah Shammah or Asherah) as well as all the few remaining aspects of the unintegrated self. It was in the midst of these new depths that I began sensing a relocation of my physical self, and possibly a new season for deeper study… Maybe even an awakening of sorts.

Is it my stars aligning, or simply this gorgeous night-sky of 2016’s? Who knows… Stay tuned for my first entry of this passing month’s “Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity” and maybe we’ll find out it’s for all of us! IDK, you can be the judge. 🙂